Enterprise Training as a Service Platform 

iLearningEngines is ranked among the fastest growing technology companies in North America.


About ILearning Engines

iLearningEngines is a Learning as a Service platform  for enterprises to achieve mission-critical  outcomes. The credits-based learning and engagement engine  is revolutionizing how organizations deliver mission-critical and compliance training and achieve outcomes.

How it works:

iLearningEngines is an outcomes based learning as a service platform for mission critical training.

Training and learning have always been related but never correlated,. As a result investment in training has not led to improved organization outcomes. ILE and its transformative technology has started to change that.

Organizatons are drowning in content and yet dealing with poor outcomes. Using ILE, organizations are able to utilizing their content, inhouse subject matter experts, and existing training investments to not only measure outcomes but drive outcomes and behaviors.

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  • Credit-Based Model Engages SME and Users
  • Continuous training and improvment 
  • Machine Learning and Rules Engine
  • Personalized training plans at scale
  • Broad applicability across multiple markets and product lines
  • Embedded training into Business Processes


ILE has transformed our learning and Culture. The ILE approach of having people create training programs and take training for credits and then selecting talent for projects, promotions, or specific assignments using their training “readiness” credit score as a tool in selection. It would certainly push people to “train up” and be ready.
— Director for Corporate Training and Human Resources 5,000 Person Global Marine and Logistics Company
ILE also has enabled us to recognize and retain our Valuable Subject Matter Experts and expand their influence. It is something we share with clients in regard to our readiness and credibility as an organization.
— Sr. Director, leading Manufacturing company.