Mission Critical Training that drives Outcomes

iLearningEngines is a Learning as a service platform for enterprises to drive Mission Critical Behavior. ILE has brought to market a revolutionary credits-based LMS and Collaborative Engine that is transforming the way organizations deliver mission critical and compliance training. As demonstrated by several case studies, ILE goes beyond providing analytics to organizations; it provides a much-needed ability to drive outcomes for organizations by closing the loop on learning. Customers that have deployed the ILE technology have showcased their training efforts with great success to their customers and prospects as a differentiator.



  • At the heart of ILE is the use of Subject Matter Expert (SME) Credits to drive creation and dissemination of content and collaboration Personal Learning and Engagement (PLE) credits to drive content consumption and adherence to learning objectives
  • Machine Learning that delivers Personalized Training Plans at Scale
  • Real-time reports and updates



  • ILE Engages Subject Matter Experts and Experienced Business People inside the organization
  • Fresh Training Content Every Day from your expert peers
  • ILE measures Content Dissemination from SME Experts and Content Consumption by all Employees
  • ILE transforms firm specific content consumption and helps organizations drive Mission Critical Behavior