Delivers valuable benefits for enterprises

AI Recommendation Engine

AI Curation and Augmentation helps intelligent and faster course creation

AI Expert Assist

24x7 Doubt clearing and Learning support, Contextual In-process help.

AI Automation Engine

Process and Task Automation, Adaptive Tests, Assisted Grading

AI Enterprise Search

Bolt on to Enterprise content repositories, Index-Search and drive contextual, In process learning

ILE 360 - Outcome Score Card

Trainee 360 view, Trainer Outcome Score Card, Trainer/Management Dashboard

AI Insights

Identification of Learning Gaps and success footprints through Engagement Signatures

Automate intelligent conversations across stakeholders with iLEBots


iLEBot provides an optimal way of engaging with stakeholders across any industry with its NLP and neural network capability.

The backend algorithm reduces data integration time with capability to read unstructured and structured data across various file formats

Automated machine learning helps in employee's personalization understanding individual likes, dislikes, interest.

Insight on various data points help in trend analysis and improve platform usage and incorporation of additional features