Making Corporate Training Mission Critical


Enterprises have invested into Learning Management Systems, Online Training Courses and Content heavily and yet have not seen any meaningful impact on outcomes and behaviors. The reason for the poor ROI is the content consumption gap for expert content, users typically do not go seek out expert content. Current LMS solutions do not engage subject matter experts and nothing is asked of the end users of training, resulting in poor accountability and outcomes. iLearningEngines has pioneered a credits based approach that transforms expert content consumption in the Enterprise.

Key Features:

  • At the heart of ILE is the use of – Subject Matter Expert (SME) Credits to drive creation and dissemination of content and collaboration – Personal Learning and Engagement (PLE) credits to drive content consumption and adherence to learning objectives
  • Machine Learning that delivers Personalized Training Plans at Scale
  • Real-time reports and updates

Key benefits:

  • ILE Engages Subject Matter Experts and Experienced Business People inside the organization
  • Fresh Training Content Every Day from your expert peers
  • ILE measures Content Dissemination from SME Experts and Content Consumption by all Employees
  • ILE transforms firm specific content consumption and helps organizations drive Mission Critical Behavior