Key Drivers for enterprises

Curated expert content

Aggregate, curate content from Industry experts and third party sources.

Leverage content-channel agnostic assets across enterprise, partner, social & subscribed channels.

Co-create IP assets across Enterprise-Partner ecosystems. AI delivers contextual content to user actions/workflows.

Increase Brand Value

Enterprise integration

Integration with enterprise systems - HCM, Legal & compliance, CRM to drive better Productivity, Process effeciencies and Incident preventions.

Measure, Improve key business metrics/enterprise functions in HR, customer care, S&M.

360-degree view for employee/ manager on learning progress correlated to business outcomes.

Drive Outcomes at Scale

AI Recommendation Engine

Training, learning & development software

Create blended and personalized learning paths for Business Functions, Induction, Cross-skill, Career development.

Deliver training in organizational work flows. Experience Sharing and Social Learning.

SME/PLE Credit based learning and Engagement. Real-time performance feedback, analytics/insights.

Institutionalize In-process Learning

Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning enhanced

AI/ML technology and NLP Assists guide employees and correlate data, driving better Employee experience

Workflow based content recommendations, Enterprise Search and Function-based AI assists drive productivity and process improvements

ILE Recommendation Engine, Enterprise Search Engine, Enterprise Assists work together, creating a connected workforce

Connected organizations realize better value from Institutional Assets

Delivers valuable benefits for enterprises

Training, learning & development at scale

Enhance productivity & operational efficiency

Address talent needs/gaps

Increase compliance; reduce incidents/risk

Create enterprise knowledge asset

Improve employee retention & satisfaction