Key Drivers for Healthcare

Patient Training & Engagement

Training & Engagement of patients pre surgery and post surgery for better health compliance. Leverage any type of enterprise assets, including Video, internal procedures, manuals or 3rd party content. Make it learnable – embed any content with quizzes and assessments.

Mobile training mode - Learn anywhere/ anytime

iLearningEngines works on any devices making it easier for patients to engage with their health. Track patient progress and health compliance even after patient checkout. Improve health outcomes with better contol over patient compliance

Patient Collaboration for better outcomes

Collaborate and Engage with patients in the decision-making process. Improve patient relationship - Providers can take better decisions regarding patient’s health. Effective patient treatments for physicians

Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning

Engage patients with conversational and contextual insights - adjusting to real time situation. Teaming providers with the intelligent guidance of AI to provide patients with personalized next-best actions. Empowering patients to participate and engage in their health with intelligent guidance and support

iLearningEngines delivers valuable outcomes

Training, learning & development at scale

Enhance productivity & operational efficiency

Address talent needs/gaps

Increase compliance; reduce incidents/risk

Create enterprise knowledge asset

Improve employee retention & satisfaction