For Better Patient Outcomes

An Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives outcomes at scale for healthcare organizations, enabling better patient outcomes and improving the ability to compete through rapid data-centric decision-making.


Machine Learning powered solutions to empower scalable healthcare outcomes.


Intelligent learning automation to empower patient engagement and staff training.

Industry challenges

  • Inability to exploit digital relationships and deliver exceptional outcomes using distance care models.

  • Decreased patient satisfaction rates on account of rise of hands-off pre /post-surgery care and decrease in-ward time.

  • Lack of integrated systems to deliver real-time cost-effective exchange of patient and provider data and workflows impacting quality of care.

  • Increased regulations and demand for transparency have hampered the growth of medical and pharma companies.

  • Deficient long-term support and training plans to upskill staff leading to the decline of healthcare effectiveness​.

  • Reliance on manual processes and lack of intelligent systems subverting staff from operating at optimal levels.

iLE Process Solutions

  • Pre- and post-surgery patient engagement with learning automation improves positive recovery behaviors.

  • Create a multimedia knowledge repository with manuals, video and third party content, and make it learnable through quizzes and feedback.

  • Collaborate and engage with patients in the decision-making process to improve healthcare relationships and outcomes.

  •  AI-powered assistants guide patients on appointments, dosage, and reminders.

  • Custom training solutions tailored to organizational goals and visions empower frontline workers and other teams.

  • Rigorous SOPs and tailored learning opportunities enhance the patient experience.

iLE Functional Solutions

  • Conversational AI technologies allows faster replies to customer queries.

  • iLE bots provide tracking and status updates in real time.

  • Customers can be engaged on any device, and are guided and supported 24/7 to improve health outcomes.

  • Customer are supported through timely and automated customized content and health tips.

  • Patients are engaged with conversational and contextual insights that adjust to the situation.

  • Implement staff onboarding and training programs.

  • Reduce training costs and improve retention with training in the flow of work, ensuring optimal job preparedness, and facilitating flexibility in the workforce.

  • Provide employees with easy access to information and company policies to improve wellbeing and motivation.

  • A credit-based system motivates employees to continuously learn and upgrade their skills



Reduction of the costs with job automation


Accuracy improvement


Faster rate of service delivery


Capacity overload reduced at enterprise level

iLearningEngines is an Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives learning automation and outcomes at scale by leveraging existing enterprise applications and proprietary AI.



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