Key Drivers for Marine organizations

Curated Enterprise HSE content

Aggregate & curate content from subject matter experts and various commercially & publicly available sources. Leverage any type of enterprise assets, including Video, internal procedures, manuals or 3rd party content. Make it learnable – embed any content with quizzes and assessments.

Offline mode for vessels at remote locations

iLearningEngines works even in areas with little or no internet connection so crew members are compliant. Data Sync ensures alll training data across all vessels are synchronized to central iLE Cloud. Content sync allows trainers to create data on cloud and share with all offline vessls

Pre-boarding of crew before joining ship

Onboard and train employees even before they join the the next duty appointment. Structure your training plan based on customer operations, company specific policies and procedures. Significantly reduce operational risk and increase compliance for customer projects

Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning

AI/ML technology and Crew-Assist guides employees, enhances experiences and performances. Highly scalable across enterprise ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, etc.). Global scope - supports multiple languages, constituencies, geographies

iLearningEngines delivers valuable outcomes

Training, learning & development at scale

Enhance safety & operational efficiency

Address talent needs/gaps

Increase compliance; reduce incidents/risk

Create enterprise knowledge asset

Improve employee retention & satisfaction