iLearningEngines Reseller Partner

The iLearningEngines Reseller Partner Program is ideal for partners in the Enterprise HR/ HCM, Education space where learning and development are critical engagement models. Based on your business model and how you engage with customers, there are various ways to work with iLearningEngines.

iLearningEngines Reseller Partners include value-added resellers and system integrators with experience in SaaS/Cloud and Training services. As a reseller, your organization will enjoy many global benefits, including adding the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence platform to your portfolio, expanding your customer base, and adding value to your existing customers. To apply for our program, please complete an application.

iLearningEngines OEM Partner

The iLearningEngines OEM Partner Program is ideal for content partners and content creators who want a fully white labelled web and mobile experience for their customers. iLearningEngines can be fully customized to create a consistent brand identity to your customers with 100% control over style, user experience, data integration and authentication.

As an OEM Partners, your organization will enjoy significant technology benefits of iLearningEngines including seamless Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning support designed to create valuable outcomes for your customers. You will enjoy continuous product updates, access to our sandbox to test several features and integrations with your core content and 3rd party software. To apply for our program, please complete an application.