Personalized Customer Experiences

An AI-enriched Learning and Engagement platform that personalizes customer experiences and creates employee engagement. iLearningEngines helps you boost morale, reduce employee attrition and craft hassle-free and intelligent e-commerce journeys for consumers.

Industry Challenges

  • General shift to e-commerce with new entrants and increased competition.

  • Mounting pressure on margins driven by intense price competition.

  • Need to raise the bar for personalized service to match digital sellers disrupting conventional retail.

  • Customers overwhelmed by choice, yet struggling to find relevant contextual information to make efficient decisions.

  • Customers don’t have easy access to product comparisons, detailed product data, or 24/7 responsive help.

  • Employee churn increases cost of hiring and training.

iLE Process Solutions

  • iLE virtual assists provide intelligent guidance to customers, helping them make more effective purchasing decisions.

  • iLE offers customers a unified experience and personalizes their shopping experience via chatbots and a multichannel approach to shopping.

  • iLE helps customers find products through intelligent search options, increasing satisfaction and reducing information overload and time wasted in browsing.

  • iLE AI automates repetitive sales activities, segments customers dynamically and supports customized offerings.

  • Shoppers can access the platform via smartphones, allowing an increased level of personalization.

  • Customer assistance is available in multiple languages.

  • iLE’s data analytics and dashboard provide key insights towards product design, pricing and promotions.

  • iLE’s machine learning platform makes customized product recommendations based on analysis of past customer behavior.

  • Voice- and text-based AI analyzes customer attitudes towards a particular product or service.

  • AI technologies enhance employee engagement automating labor-intensive menial tasks.

  • In-store employees are empowered with the right contextual information to offer customers value-added offers.

  • Operations staff rely on platform-generated customer insights to reduce wait times and optimize assortments. Display prices, nutrition facts, coupons, and video advertisements are all dynamically updated from a central source for easy management.

  • User signature patterns and predictive analytics drive early warning systems, significantly reducing the time needed to plan merchandising.

  • The platform scales to handle multiple customer interactions and enables effective prioritization of urgent queries when stores are busy.

  • Repetitive processes, such as product returns and exchanges, can be automated to allow teams to focus on high-value tasks.

  • iLE’s learning automation platform makes new employee seamless. Training can be delivered across multiple formats and channels.

  • The iLE learning platform reskills existing teams, imparting the technological skills needed for modern retail and e-commerce. Employees can access training 24/7 across any device, learning at their own pace.

  • iLE delivers continuous and contextual training in the flow of work to create measurable job performance improvements.



profit increase by adopting smart personalization engines


cost savings by reducing employee churn and reskilling teams

iLearningEngines is an Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives learning automation and outcomes at scale by leveraging existing enterprise applications and proprietary AI.



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