transforming learning and outcomes


iLearningEngines (ILE) is a leading cloud-based learning and enterprise collaboration technology company. ILE has brought to market a revolutionary credits-based LMS and Collaborative Engine that is transforming the way organizations deliver training - compliance training, and collaborative peer to peer training, and drive employee learning and engagement. ILE is used to aggregate, personalize, and deliver highly personalized learning and engagement modules through a cloud-based service with offline capabilities. At the heart of the ILE platform is the use of Subject Matter Expert (SME) Credits and Personal Learning and Engagement (PLE) Credits that drive end user and trainer/subject matter engagement As demonstrated by several case studies, both SME and PLE credits provide much-needed people analytics and content metrics to organizations, allowing them to assess the impact of education and engagement programs on KPIs, thereby closing the loop on learning. Customers that have deployed the ILE technology have showcased their training efforts with great success to their customers and prospects as a differentiator.