The iLearningEngines "learning-to-outcomes" approach helps create a connected and learning organization.
iLearningEngines leverages Enterprise assets for value creation, thus correlating Enterprise and customer actions to insights.
It helps integrate learning with Enterprise workflows, realizing value for the organization.

Best in class AI - Enabled Learning & Engagement platform

De-risk organization against loss of crucial SME knowledge while creating a path for Enterprise assetization

Drives student outcomes in schools, Drives process improvements, incident prevention, operational efficiencies at scale, individual/org productivity for Enterprises

Helps create intellectual property repository for institutions, Increase brand value for Enterprise

Drives better Topline/Bottomline revenues for Enterprise, helps Enterprise assetization

In-process learning, workflow based content recommendations, AI-enabled contextual search and function-based AI-assists improve productivity and drive process improvements

Correlated workforce or trainee data drives better learning outcomes. AI driven 24X7 contextual access helps transformation to a connected organization, leading to better compliance, risk reduction and drive efficiencies

Learning journeys for enterprises and individual learning needs. Blended learning, real time experience sharing along with a credits based system and AI driven engagement signatures drive Enterprise outcomes.

Trainers, Managers or Employees define learning paths which are Role/Competency/Need based. Deliver training in flow of work activity and organizational work flows.

Enable collaboration and content co-creation across enterprise ecosystems and partners. Content Agnostic capabilities help Trainers leverage Enterprise assets, social or subscribed third party channels. AI recommendations helps accelerate the content creation process